Pablo Rivière, guitar & vocals

The Argentine-born guitarist/composer/painter/engineer grew up with in the era of progressive rock, but was strongly influenced by Brazilian music as a teenager. After moving to the Los Angeles area, he studied harmony. He later moved to the Bay Area and focused on electronic music composition, but returned to his beloved guitar in 2001, when he became a founding member of Sambosseros.  Pablo has since been continuing his research into Brazilian music and playing with the group for Bay Area audiences. In 2006 Pablo produced the CD Gabiroba, which includes some of his original compositions. Pablo moved for a year to Florence, Oregon, where he played the Oregon Coast with trumpeter Ron Green (who backed up such artists as Etta James, The Temptations, Dizzy Gillespie. and Tito Puente). Upon moving back to California, Pablo joined flutist Vivian Simon, with whom he founded Amanhã (with alternating percussionists Steve Robertson, Papiba Godinho, and Michaelle Goerlitz, among others -& bassist Dan Robbins as special guest on occasion.) Pablo became the lead singer of Sambosseros after Ana Carbatti moved back to Brazil.

Bill Cawthorne, trumpet, kuhlohorn, flugelhorn, and percussion

Bill came from Southern California. His parents, both musicians, immersed him in jazz, classical & even Brazilian music pretty early.  Piano lessons began at 6.  At 13 he discovered the trumpet, which took him from there through college, playing in every music performance class available.  He studied music theory, synthesis and composition, while gigging regularly with various local “soul”, R&B, and rock groups.  Later, after touring the western states for several years, arranging & playing dance music, Bill found a home in the beautiful Bay Area.  In this fertile atmosphere all his strongest, early influences really began to ferment – the genius of Miles, Dizzy, Ellington, Jobim, João Gilberto, Billie Holiday, The Beatles - and he seriously began to pursue a life-long passion for Jazz and Brazilian music. 

Jesse Van Hiller, drums

A relative newcomer to the Brazilian scene, Jesse draws from a wide variety of styles in his performance. From jazz to country, pop and rock, funk and groove, his work with the Sambosseros blends jazz sensibilities with backbeat roots and in-the-pocket grooves. He relies on listening to the performance, responding to collaborators as they emote, anticipating changes as they arrive and allowing the music to create itself. “I try to let the music speak through me. I am a conduit.” Jesse lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Carl Herder, bass

Carl Herder is a musical chameleon who inhabits a broad swath of the musical style spectrum. He first joined the Bay Area Brazilian music scene in the late 1970s with Aguamarinha. But his love of the music was really cemented through his participation in the first San Franciso Carnaval celebrations as part of Culebra. In addition to samba, jazz, funk and rock bands, Carl has performed the full range of Caribbean music, including salsa, soka and reggae. Before joining Sambosseros, Carl performed brazillian music with Anna Estrada and Almas Feras.